Action RPG ‘Bleach: Soul Resonance’ Revealed in Gameplay Trailer

Black Moon Studio announced they will develop an action RPG based in the Bleach universe called Bleach: Soul Resonance coming to consoles and PC in 2024.

The gameplay trailer released shows off arena-style combat where players are pitted against an opponent to fight 1v1. Modes, characters, and systems have not been given too much detail at this time. However, the developer did share some information, saying in a statement:

When thinking about the gameplay design of Soul Resonance, we aim at giving everyone a more immersive experience and a unique taste of what’s special about this game. Therefore, “the plot experience method of 3D theater performance and the core gameplay of sword action” outlines the basics of Bleach: Soul Resonance.

Once the tone is set, we tried to innovate the gameplay based on Zanpakuto and the differences between users—conveying the message behind every character and storyline, bringing the experience of realistic sword fights and cold steel, and enabling all action game users to get started easily. Like Ichigo Kurosaki and Byakuya Kuchiki said when they fought each other, “Neither of us… has much strength left. Let the next clash… …decide this battle…” It also seems to be singing the release chant of different Zanpakutos, “Shatter… …Kyokasuigetsu. ” “Like dust in the wind. Senbonzakura Kageyoshi. ” “All things of this world, turn to ashes… Ryujinjakka.” The purpose is that everyone can experience the unique charm of this sword action game, whether they are into BLEACH. With every interaction, they can indulge in the emotions intertwined with righteous ardor and romance! In terms of forging the core gameplay, we believe that audio, special effects, and feedback are the three most critical parts if we want to achieve the best sword-fighting experience. When it comes to audio, things can range from the release of Zanpakuto, to the sound effect feedback of each slash, to some sound effect details.

We also do our best to reduce the sense of delay. We have iterated, retouched, and extended the timing of the in-game sword fighting so that high-level players get to enjoy an exciting experience while novice players won’t have a hard time playing the game. In addition to the combat feedback, we are also working on innovations centered around the game’s playability and strategies. If you have any ideas and suggestions, you can reach out to us here.

Further, the developer shared they are huge Bleach fans and will make a game that fans will enjoy.

The list of available platforms have not been shared at this time, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated on the development of Bleach: Soul Resonance.

For now, you can check out the gameplay announcement trailer below:

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