Blazeblue Centralfiction Special Edition Coming Digitally to Switch in the West in February

Arc Systems Works announced that Blazblue Centralfiction will launch on Nintendo Switch digitally as a Special Edition.

Blazblue Centralfiction Special Edition includes the entire base game as well as DLC character, Es, Susanoo, Mai Natsume, and Jubei. Additionally, the edition will include the System Voices DLC and Additionally character colors DLC, which will include exclusive colors only found in the Switch version.

Blazblue Centralfiction Special Edition allows players to play in matches online and offline with friends. The game also features 2-8 player modes while in Network Mode. The game will feature Japanese voice-overs with Japanese and English text subtitles. The Switch version has already been confirmed to be compatible with the Switch Pro Controller and Real Arcade Pro.V Hayabusa controller for Switch.

Blazblue Centralfiction Special Edition will launch on the Switch eShop on February 7, 2019.

You can check out screenshots from the Special Edition below:

Author’s take: Blazblue Centralfiction is probably my favorite entry in the series outside of the visual novel entries. The game just has an easy learning curve and some deep mechanics that can be perfected over time. I’m interested to see how the online modes hold up on the switch as well as how the game plays in handheld mode.

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