BlazBlue Centralfiction Special Edition Gets a Flammin’ Hot Launch Trailer

PQube and Arc System Works are continuing to make the Nintendo Switch one hot fighting game machine. The dynamic duo has released the 2D anime fighting game, BlazBlue Centralfiction Special Edition for Switch released in Europe today, the game launched in the U.S. yesterday. It’s available now on the Switch eShop.

With BlazBlue Centralfiction Special Edition, players can experience the final chapter of the epic BlazBlue saga in a story mode that’s one big hot tamale. Featuring over 30 unique characters on more than 60 stages, players are bound to spend hours upon hours fighting in epic shonen-anime-style fights, especially since the game features multiple diverse and challenging game modes. My favorite mode would have to be the Grim of the Abyss mode, an RPG-like mode where players pick a  character, level that character up, equip goodies, and take down foes as they try to go deeper down a massive, multi-level dungeon.

The Switch version comes with all DLC, like the samurai cat, Jubei, and previous updates. It also comes with an exclusive color variation for all characters. Thanks to Switch’s portability, players can either fight solo or with friends and other fighters in several of the game’s modes — anytime, anywhere.

If you happen to be a newcomer to the series and are afraid of getting “rekt”, fear not, as there’s the “Stylish Type” control scheme that lets you pull off sick combos in a flash. However, just a quick heads up, Central Fiction isn’t a sit and wait for the opportune moment to strike kind of fighting game — to win, you need to be aggressive, be, be, aggressive.

Get a look at the action in BlazBlue Centralfiction Special Edition by checking out the launch trailer and screenshots below:

Be on the lookout for our review for BlazBlue Centralfiction Special Edition next week.

Author’s take: I hope you all appreciated my fire puns. If not, well… Happy Friday!

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