BlazBlue Centralfiction Rollback Netcode Update Available Now; Additional Online Features Also Added

Arc System Works has released the Rollback Netcode update for BlazBlue Centralfiction on PC-via Steam. The game can now be played with what is the most desired way to play online fighters.

Further, additional features have also been added. You can  check out everything in the update below:

  • Implemented rollback netcode for all online modes for the game.
  • Implemented Rematch options for Rank Match*, Player Match, and Lobby Match*. * Limited to 2 matches in a row.
  • Players can leave the spectating battle while spectating a match mid-way and return to the room in Player Match now.
  • Display current app version at the bottom left of the main menu.
  • Adjusted the ping/connection icons to better reflect connection quality.
  • Added Steam and Discord rich presence compatibility.
  • Opponents played will now be added to Steam’s “Recent Games” list from the “Players” or “View Players” menu.
  • Audio device hotswap is now handled.
  • Added original rendering additional scaling options
  • Fixed the search function of Player Match’s room search by “Room Type”

This Netcode update is to ensure the best playable ecosystem for online players. However, the update will be rolled out over time for released platforms, but I wouldn’t count on the Vita or older versions to see this update.

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