BlazBlue Centralfiction and BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle to Receive Rollback Netcode Update

During CEO 2021, Arc System Works announced that two of their anime fighter series will receive netcode.

BlazBlue Centralfiction and BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle will each receive the update on specific platforms. BlazBlue Central Fiction will begin test Rollback on December 6, 2021, through a public test. The developer plans to release the update in February 2022.

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle will release the update on PlayStation 4 and PC-via Steam in 2022. However, the company has not shared an exact release date.

This Netcode update is to ensure the best playable ecosystem for online players. However, the update will be rolled out over time for released platforms, but I wouldn’t count on the Vita or older versions to see this update. It’s likely going to be a tough feature to implement provided the server testing and architecture of the fighters, but it’s good to see the publisher paying attention to what fighting game fans want. Latency and connection are a huge must in this community, and these two games will only get better with the added online support.

Originally launching in 2018, BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle is a 2D fighter featuring characters from across a handful of franchises. The playable character roster even extends into anime with RWBY characters. Each character is unique and players can create a team of all-star fighters to bring into a match and combo until their heart’s content.

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