Blaster Master Zero 2 is Available on Steam, So There’s No Reason Why You Aren’t Playing it Right Now

In the 2D action space, Inti Creates stands out as one of the best developers there are. The studio is dedicated to the craft of creating these stylistically retro games and bringing them to modern gamers.

Earlier this year, Blaster Master Zero 2 had a surprise launch on the Nintendo eShop. As a fan of its predecessor, I quickly picked it up and realized that it was much better than I could have anticipated. With the game’s release on Steam, there’s a whole new group of gamers who get to experience this title. Inti Creates’ Producer and Localization Editor Matt Papa explains, “Blaster Master Zero 2 is one of the highest-rated games in Inti Creates history. It took everything that made the first game incredibly fun and improved on its strengths and patched up its weaknesses, on top of introducing a bunch of new characters.”

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After playing through the first title many times, it’s clear that Blaster Master Zero 2 has seen a variety of improvements to its gameplay mechanics, story, and layout. Matt adds, “Weapons have been rethought and rebalanced, sorry folks, no relying on just the Wave gun from BMZ1 anymore, the story is much more engaging with all the new environments and characters, even pulling at the ol’ heartstrings at times too, and new mechanics like gaining SP for your SOPHIA tank by taking damage/falling from tall heights with the Gaia System, and the Blast Counter system for Jason completely evolve how the side-scrolling and top-down segments work.”

The developer has also begun to roll out character DLC, with Copen being the first addition to the roster, which is free for a limited time. As a guest character, players can experience the game in an entirely new way. Those who have played Blaster Master Zero 1 will remember the wealth of content that the guest characters added to that adventure with additions such as Shantae and Shovel Knight. Each character brings their skills and abilities to the game for players to play through the campaign differently.

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When it comes to Copen and these other characters being added to the game, Matt adds, “The end result, and this is particularly true in Copen’s case, are these characters from other worlds are transported seamlessly into BMZ, to the point where if you are familiar with how they play in their original games, you will feel very comfortable with them right out of the gate. Copen might be the most seamless one yet. From his aerial Bullit Dash maneuver to the EX Weapons he has in Luminous Avenger iX, everything that makes Copen “Copen” is there in BMZ2, and fine-tuned in a way that works exactly as it should in the game.”

If you’ve read my review of Blaster Master Zero 2, you can quickly see how eager I am to share this game with 2D action fans. It can’t be stressed how much quality there is packed in this adventure as each new planet visited offers so much in terms of exploration and robust game design. With this game’s Steam release, I do hope that more people get their hands on this game.

In closing, Matt adds, “The Blaster Master Zero team put so much love and care into this project, and I really think it shows in both the big picture aspects and small details of the game. If you liked Blaster Master Zero, or even if you just played the original NES game and never touches the BMZ series, I’m incredibly confident that you will enjoy BMZ2.”

Inti Creates is sharing trivia about the game’s development on their Twitter page.

Blaster Master Zero 2 is available now on Nintendo Switch and PC-via Steam.

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