Blasphemous Wounds of Eventide Strongly Paves the Way For the Future

Souls-like metroidvania experiences are all too common in our current gaming climate, with each title of that genre coalescence having difficulty standing out from the pack. Yet, quality always deserves to be highlighted, and The Game Kitchen developed Blasphemous fits that bill perfectly. This game boasts a charmingly cartoony art style melded with crunchy sound design and excellent animation. Since its release in September 2019, it has garnered numerous awards and a plethora of praise, and now, it is receiving its final chapter, the free Wounds of Eventide update.

The Blasphemous Wounds of Eventide update adds an impressive degree of content that satisfyingly closes out the storyline alongside challenging gameplay sections. Further, the dark gothic region of Cvstodia experiences a brand new fate that teases the upcoming Blasphemous sequel that was announced earlier this year and is releasing in 2023.


Having gotten the opportunity to play the Wounds of Eventide update, I was delighted by the quality of the added content. To be vague as not to reveal any potential spoilers, the new boss battles proved to be thrilling and challenging with just the right dose of difficulty that prevented needless frustrations. Their telegraphs felt fairly implemented, if requiring a few cycles to fathom countermeasures against fully. Further, the new final boss amplified those aforementioned traits tenfold, demanding rigorous understanding and execution of on-the-fly strategies.

Regarding general progress, most of it was relatively self-explanatory and painless if one knows the area layouts well enough. This update rewards players who have sunk hours into the base game and its following updates since having navigation prowess is a must for reaching these new bosses. On the other hand, there is an objective requiring 30 bones, so progression isn’t wholly cohesive, but there is at least enough variance in content to offset any monotony. Still, the amount of added content is brief as its primary purpose is to function as a sendoff to the original Blasphemous while leading toward the next entry. Speaking of, the ending is an exciting tease that will most definitely stave players’ desires for the sequel until it releases.

Blasphemous 1

If you’ve played through Blasphemous and have any interest in its upcoming sequel, the Wounds of Eventide update is a must-play that you have no excuse to avoid seeing as its freely included. This goes doubly so for those who have played and followed the game since its initial release in 2019. Regardless of whatever new steps The Game Kitchen takes with their new title next year, the fact remains that Blasphemous is an exceptional, qualitative souls-like experience that should be used as a benchmark for other attempters of the genre.

Blasphemous is a rather inspiring title as it was a Kickstarter success blowing past its necessitated amount for the game’s vanilla release. It only needed $50,000, but it ended up raising over $330,000. This excess money led to the game receiving many noteworthy updates such as a boss rush mode, further language support, and New Game +.

Blasphemous is currently available on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC via Steam. Additionally, the free Wounds of Eventide expansion is releasing later today.

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