Visual Novel ‘Black Hair Girl is Best Girl’ to Release on PC Later This Week

Kikai Digital announced that the Never Knows Best-developed visual novel Black Hair Girl is Best Girl will launch on PC-via Steam on July 8, 2021.

Black Hair Girl is Best Girl features two stories where the heroine has black hair, Brave New World I and Reverse Memories. This is a simple premise for those who know what they like and would enjoy reading a visual novel all about it. The first story is an exploration of the philosophy of free will in an infinite loop. The second story is a mystery VN about memory loss and its relation to love.

Brave New Worl I takes place after a boy meets a girl in the library who could be the girl of his dreams. They create a virtual utopia together, which affects their reality, and the cycle continues, where philosophy and delusions intertwine.

Reverse Memories takes place after a boy meets a girl under some fireworks and summer love sparks. The boy is without a past and has returned home only to find love. However, after his confession, she forgets about him.

The visual novel is 80,000 words long and features fully voiced dialogue in mandarin. The are CGs that are considered to be ecchi, but it’s an all-ages visual novel.

You can check out some screenshots below:

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