Black Desert Mobile Gets New Update Adding Tamer Class and PVP Event

Pearl Abyss has revealed a new class update for Black Desert Mobile, available now for players.

Players can now access the Tamer class on mobile devices, which has previously been available on PC and consoles. Tamer brings a unique playstyle to the game as well as a divine beast, Heilang. During battles, Tamer will be able to summon Heilang at level 20, who will fight alongside her and deal damage to enemies. Actions Heilang can be commanded to do are Attack, Stay, Follow, and Sit, just like a good dog.

Additionally, the update will add Black Sun, a new PVP event with players fighting one another on that battlefield to earn Black Sun score. These can then be exchanged for quality items such as dark coins and chaos crystals.

Black Desert Mobile aims to deliver the same core combat and customization level that fans of the console and PC version know. The game’s mobile version will offer things like life skill management and a progression system that allows players to upgrade their camp.

During gameplay, players can challenge world bosses and participate in PvP modes, including Node and Siege Wars. At launch, the game will include fice character classes, to begin with, Warrior, Ranger, Giant, Witch, or Valkyrie. The team has plans to update the mobile version of the game to add new maps and content along with the other versions of the game.

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