BL Visual Novel ‘UUUltraC’ Coming West By Publisher MangaGamer

During AnimeNYC, publisher MangaGamer has announced a few of their plans for localization. One of their titles is the BL visual novel UUUltraC, from developer ADELTA who was also the creator of Hashihime of the Old Book Town.

UUUltraC is a homage to classic tokusatsu shows, taking place in the 70’s in a world where superheroes and monstrous creatures (kaiju) exist. Specifically, the kaiju in this world infect people turning them into the same sort of creature as well. According to the publisher, one of the themes of the title is identity and how this impacts your sense of belonging.

As such, the game covers three routes, each of which depicts a different side of the story. One side has a couple end up a victim of the kaiju attacks and, as the kaiju infection takes place, they decide to fight for acceptance. Another shows a couple fighting stressful battles as the Icarus Rangers. And yet another shows the complicated relationships of people caught in their crossfire.

UUUltraC is written, designed and composed by Rinko Kurosawa, who’s currently working on the upcoming Ooe in Japan. Check out some of the game’s illustrations shared by MangaGamer:

We’ll keep you updated on UUUltraC and other MangaGamer announcements as they come.

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