BL Visual Novel ‘The Symbiant’ Opens Kickstarter Campaign

HeartCoreDev has started a Kickstarter campaign for The Symbiant, which will run until April 25, 2022. The title is a BL visual novel in a sci-fi setting and the developer hopes to have it ready by April 2023. It’ll be released in both 18+ and PG-13 versions for PC – and Steam – and Android. The Steam version will only be available in its “all-ages” version but an adult patch will be readily available.

The Symbiant takes place in the year 5066. A young Terran man called Danya and his Tulrorthian friend Juniper travel in a modest spaceship called The Ameretat doing transport gigs and other odd jobs to pay the bills. As they find themselves with their bank account empty and in need of repairs, they get the job to transport the handsome and mysterious Odarian called Brahve.

It’s a generous deal, but there’s something fishy about this job. During the night, strange noises come from Brahve’s room. Now, Danya will have to find out what Brahve is hiding but how this will affect the budding relationship between those two men remain to be seen.

Though The Symbiant only features one couple, there will be two routes and four endings. Nine erotic scenes and more than 25 CGs with variations are also expected for the game, with over six hours of playtime. A demo is currently available on Steam, Google Play and, with the latter not being suited for work.

Check out the recent trailer:

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