BL Visual Novel ‘The Divine Speaker’ Now Available on Steam and Itchio

BL Visual Novel ‘The Divine Speaker’ Now Available on Steam and Itchio

Developer Two and a Half Studios has released The Divine Speaker on Steam and The BL visual novel was announced back in 2018, but development took longer than expected due to various circumstances. Keep in mind voice acting is only available for the common route and Cyne’s route right now, with the others coming in an update on April/May.

The Divine Speaker tells the story of a young orphan called Raen. Coming from the secluded city of Aurelia Cavella, he was expelled from home. However what could be considered a death sentence actually leads him to a mysterious journey through a world he didn’t even know existed outside.

On his travels, he’ll learn more about the world, get to know new people and even find some romance with three love interests. As Raen learns more about fate and how people make efforts to defy it, he’ll also get more intimate with Cyne, Leos and Fawn. Each of the boys have their own routes and, according to the developer, they have “varying degrees of morality”.

The Divine Speaker features a little more than 70 original illustrations, some of which are of the “improper for work” nature. The lead character artist is Fuyuure, whose other works include the upcoming Legend of Rune. For people who would like to stream or play it without worrying about the erotic CGs, there’s a streamer mode that puts mosaics all over the steamy content.

If you’d like to see a little more of the game, there’s still a free demo available. Check out an old trailer for it as well:

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