Historical Fantasy-Styled BL Visual Novel ‘Lkyt.’ Gets April Release Date; Pre-Orders Open

Publisher MangaGamer has announced the release date for Lkyt., their latest Boys’ Love title. The visual novel developed by Parade (No, Thank You!!! and Room No.9) will be available on PC via Steam and MangaGamer Store on April 20, 2023. Pre-orders are now open on MangaGamer with a 10% discount, making it US$40.45.

Lkyt. is a dark fantasy BL with a historical-like setting. It depicts the story of a group of young men forced to fight against demon forces to save the world. As the warriors of the Seaside Nation, they’re guardians who must uphold the vow of not allowing the second coming of the dark army to bring even more destruction to the world.

The big issue that makes this a hard situation is that this “Day of Despair” was thought to only happen in the far future. With warning bells echoing through the nation to warn of the incoming threat, they now see themselves poorly prepared to deal with the Dark Reign forces.

Lkyt. follows our protagonist Tasuku (VA: Kazami Kaiji), a young man who serves as a foot soldier despite being ranked as one of their best warriors. Four other main characters are highlighted, each of which should have some intimate moments with our hero.

Among those companions, we have: the second son of the emperor, Takeru (VA: Todoroki); the Desert Nation swordsman Yael (VA: Torasawa Nekosuke); the divine being and first son of the emperor, Towa (VA: Masquerade Kise); and the oldest child of the warrior clan Mitate, Ango (VA: Nanashino Hibiki).

You can check out the opening theme from MangaGamer’s official website to get in the mood for this somber story:

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