Romance Visual Novel ‘Bistro Days’ Launches Free Demo on Steam

Kikai Digital announced that the Drunk Bunny Games-developed romance visual novel, Bistro Days, has received a free demo on PC-via Steam. Currently, the game does not have a release date.

Bistro Days has players assume the role of an aspiring food blogger in the city of Wisteria. One day, they find their way to the Bellflower Bistro, where they meet three characters who will change their life, Rose, Lily, and Iris. It seems like this is fate as you; the characters encourage the protagonist to chase his dreams.

The story is more of an over-the-top slice-of-life romance story as the player makes choices, which puts them on the route to falling in love with one of the girls. Each of the girls has a different personality, with Rose being the manager, Lilly being semi-new, and Iris being the newest hire.

The game allows players to play as either a male or female and feature partial voice acting. There are over 6 hours of gameplay with 15 CGs and high-resolution backgrounds. There is no nudity in the game, but there are some mature elements and revealing clothing.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on the release of Bistro Days. For now, you can check out some screenshots below:

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