Biomutant Reemerges With 9 Minutes of New Gameplay

THQ Nordic launched a new trailer for Experiment 101-developed action-adventure Biomutant, coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC sometime in the future, a release date has not been provided.

The trailer is 9 minutes of new gameplay that shows gameplay action gameplay, environments, and boss battles. The trailer also gives viewers a preview of the Hero’s abilities and various means of traversal including a submarine, airship, and combat mech.

Biomutant features a branching narrative based on decisions made by the player which will dictate the game’s story direction. As the world is affected by a natural disaster and becomes more and more unlivable, the player must fight in order to save the Tree of Life. During gameplay, players will need to seek out the roots of the tree and fight off anything that threatens them. The game also has a Karma system based on the player’s actions.

The game has been delayed several times in the past, but it seems like the team is making good progress of focuses on what makes this title so appealing.

We’ll keep you updated on the development. In the meantime, sit back and watch a 9-minute trailer of one of our more anticipated titles, Biomutant, below:

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