Party Game ‘Billion Road’ Gets Switch and PC Release Date in the West

Acttil announced that the Bandai Namco-developed boardgame style party game Billion Road is coming to Nintendo Switch and PC-via Steam on April 16.

Those who purchase the game will also receive a digital soundtrack as a bonus available on the publisher’s website and Steam page. The tracks are upbeat symphonies that probably get players in the mood to invest in something.

A closed beta test is currently in the works, with the publisher taking requests from Steam players. Players interested can email the publisher here: [email protected]

During gameplay, players will roll dice to travel around the board, which will trigger random events as they take calculated risks of investing in Japan. The game features over 30 items, which each have their own effect. Similarly, there are over 50 monsters to encounters that can help you either gain or lose money. Understanding the monsters and the items is key to winning here.

There are multiple modes offered, a Tournament Mode for single-player gameplay, which lasts 30 in-game years, Skirmish Mode, which is a quick multiplayer experience, which lasts 36 in-game months. The game allows for local multiplayer on Switch and online multiplayer on Steam with up to four players.

Billion Roan gives players the objective to travel across Japan and earn more money than everyone else. Players will choose investment opportunities as they do whatever they can to slow down their competitors. Investing in the game might lead to rewards, but you’ll have to wait and see if your investments pay off after a period of in-game time.

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