BGS 2022 Impressions – Back to the Game After 2 Long Years

After two long years of the pandemic delaying the plans, the Brazil Game Show convention finally returned for Brazilian gamers to enjoy. This iteration of the event was hailed to be the biggest ever, taking place in São Paulo, and for good reason. After all, the event stayed for an entire week, encompassing even Brazil’s Children’s Day, after being canceled twice in a row in 2020 and 2021. I had the opportunity to check out this iteration of the event, so here are my findings and thoughts as I take you to this slice of Brazilian gaming excellence.

Nintendo BGS 2022

First, let’s begin with Nintendo because, for the longest time, they’ve hardly appeared at BGS, especially after their temporary leave from the country since 2015. For those unaware, Nintendo had formally announced that they would be ceasing their sales in Brazil, with national versions and supply of their consoles becoming scarce as people had to resort to North American imports. Finally, however, they’ve slowly but surely returned with the Nintendo Store debut, which sold digital copies of their games in 2019, and now, in 2022, they’ve officially released the Brazilian PR account.

Furthermore, they also announced plans to translate most of their mainline games into Brazilian Portuguese and release most of those games as physical copies in the country with proper Portuguese text. Of course, we’ve already seen some of their games updated in the language, such as Kirby’s Dream Buffet and the Mario Strikers game. Still, according to an interview made by Brazilian outlet The Enemy with the current NOA president Doug Bowser, he “has learned from the mistakes, and that the company plans to return to the Brazilian lands permanently this time around.”

Nintendo BGS 2022 img3

Their booth also took advantage of the My Nintendo QR Code check-in, where you could show your Nintendo Account’s QR Code and get yourself a nice Splatoon 3 sticker sheet. A small thing for sure, but considering that we never saw such a thing with the publisher until today, this was a novel experience. There was also the opportunity to try out Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Home early, with full translations in Portuguese, though the queue filled up quicker than I could line up. They also took on Microsoft’s role and featured a vast stage where you could play Just Dance 2022. Speaking of Microsoft, however…

PlayStation BGS 2022
The most shocking revelation when I stepped inside BGS was that there was no XBOX booth. Usually, they would sit gloriously to the side of the PlayStation, but this time…they were suspiciously absent. And I’m surprisingly not alone in this. There were lots of people, journalists and gamers alike, demonstrating confusion as to why Microsoft would be suddenly absent from the supposed “biggest iteration of Brazil Game Show yet,” especially given their track record. Some even expected that they would perhaps announce their appearance at the last moment, but alas.

On that note, the PlayStation also lacked the small official shop they had in previous years, but they had a lot of PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 game demos, including one for the upcoming One Piece Odyssey. Though I only got to play the game for a few minutes before the event’s closure, I managed to understand quite a lot about how it played. The gameplay was fluid, and the graphics looked well done. I particularly like how the cel-shade in the characters makes them pop.

PlayStation BGS 2022 img2

Moving on, I don’t want to sound like a complete shill. Still, it’s time to talk about what I think was the best part of BGS, and that was HoYoverse’s booth because it had it all: official merchandise store, engaging live stage activities, and of course, the opportunity to meet and interact with many fellow Genshin Impact players, both new and old, was certainly an experience I won’t forget.

HoYoverse BGS 2022

Players could play both Genshin Impact and the upcoming Honkai Star Rail in their stand. In addition, several tablet devices with demonstration accounts were loaded into them. On the Genshin side, all accounts had pretty much all of the possible characters with maximum constellations, as well as their weapons. The same applied to the Star Rail side, where every character had their abilities maxed out, and I could also tell that it was the second closed beta build because of how some things were named.

From posters to postcards, to even a nice passport-shaped note block that felt like you were an actual member of the Star Express, were just a few of the many things you could obtain from the booth, and it was honestly really cool because of that. Of course, the big stage attractions were also fun, such as answering a fun little quiz about Genshin Impact for everyone to see and even competing with other attendees to see who could beat the brand-new Algorithm of Semi-Intransient Matrix Of Overseer Network boss. Even though I lost a few of those challenges, I had fun. And I think that’s what matters, no?

Hoyoverse BGS 2022 img2

To top it off, official cosplayers also came together at 5 PM local time and took pictures together. Some of the cosplays were excellent, and I also had the pleasant opportunity to take photos with several people. There was even someone who went in dressed as a huge Primogem, and oh boy, I laughed so hard that I didn’t even realize that by the time I left the booth, there were only three hours left until I needed to go.

Genshin Impact BGS 2022 Cosplayers

So how was BGS overall? Honestly, I had a lot of fun, even though I expected just a little bit more from the event’s variety, such as a dedicated booth for perhaps other prominent players in the gaming industry, such as Konami or Bandai Namco. But despite the event missing some key players, it was still nice to see the convention finally make a return after the turbulent pandemic times. While I, unfortunately, was unable to experience the event in its entirety, I would love to have the opportunity to explore it again the following year.

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