Ubisoft Should Cancel Beyond Good and Evil 2 and We Should Just Get Over It

Beyond Good and Evil 2 was officially revealed at E3 2017 as an ambitious sequel to Beyond Good and Evil, released in 2003. However, another year, another E3, and nothing about the game is being revealed.

I think it’s time we just move on and play something else at this point. We had a good run, but anything that releases will be a sliver of its former brilliance, and we should accept that and let it go.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 1

Since its announcement, we have seen some truly gorgeous set pieces of what the game is supposed to be. Over the years, this has been shaken up as elements about the game’s open-world design just seemed too grandiose to really conceptualize. It’s as if anyone who wanted to know what this game was would need to attend a Ted Talk about the general premise.

In September of 2020, designer Michel Ancel left the project, and that’s the last update we’ve received about this game. Listen, I know it’s going to be tough, but one look at what makes a “Ubisoft game,” and you’ll easily see how something like this doesn’t fit that mold.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 2

A modern Beyond Good and Evil 2 from this publisher will surely contain an open-world, with a few launch glitches, never-ending questlines to keep players playing for materials that can be used to purchase new customizable parts, and monetization. The action-adventure would be ripped from the heart of this game because it doesn’t fit in with Ubisoft’s lineup and highly marketable series.

Before this happens, I’m willing just to drop it. I’m going to stop wanting to see this game, and I will stop asking about it. Why should I care about a series that the publisher clearly doesn’t care about enough to show to 200,ooo+ gamers watching worldwide. They should cut their losses and cancel the game before releasing a boiled-down Watch Dog-like experience in space—something we already see enough from this publisher.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 3

It’s sad because this was a game that I wanted to see, if only because it didn’t fall in line with their lineup. Much like Child of Light, we were getting something different, and it’s sad to see that they don’t seem to support that line of creativity anymore. The publisher has some good games, but I hope they are willing to take chances again someday.

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