Bethesda Softworks and Behaviour Interactive Peacefully Settle Fallout Shelter VS Westworld Mobile Lawsuit

Today, Bethesda Softworks and Behaviour Interactive released a statement revealing that both parties have peacefully settled Bethesda’s lawsuit against the developer for the similarities between their mobile title Fallout Shelter and Behaviour’s Westworld mobile game.

From the statement, it seems that there was no money involved to solve the dispute and both parties will continue their day to day operations normally moving forward. The lawsuit was initially brought up after Bethesda claimed that Westworld mobile developers used code from Fallout Shelter based on bugs that both games had. This was backed up by the work that Behaviour Interactive did on Fallout shelter back in 2015.

The lawsuit filed back in June 2018 read, “This software ‘bug’ appears when a player starts up the demonstration version of the Westworld game. Specifically, the view is out-of-focus and the scene that appears is far to the right and below the targeted landscape image. It is as if a camera capturing the scene had been inadvertently pointed to the lower right foreground and then slowly refocuses on the central image. The identical problem appeared in initial versions of Fallout Shelter but was addressed before Fallout Shelter was released to the public. While this error was ultimately fixed in subsequent builds of Fallout Shelter, the appearance of the bug in the Westworld game demo makes clear that the Fallout Shelter source code was used by Behaviour in developing the Westworld game.”

Whether or not this code was reused, it seems both parties have come to an agreement without suing each other for years to come.

The similarities between the graphic direction of both games are easy to see so it’s only natural that the question is raised, but for Bethesda to take the accusations and file a lawsuit against Behaviour might be seen as jumping the gun.

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