Furry-Mech Visual Novel ‘Beta-SixDouze’ Coming West to PC

Shiravune announced that the Liar-Soft-developed furry mech visual novel, Beta-SixDouze, is coming west to PC via Johren and Steam soon.

Beta-SixDouze features a 10-hour space adventure with event CGs highlighting the original anime artwork. Further, there are mecha fights, fluffy characters, and science fiction, all voiced by a group of notable Japanese voice actors.

The story is set 380,000 kilometers from Earth, where a rose blooms beyond the night sky. Its silhouette glows in the moonlight, its intentions unknown, but humanity has dubbed it Consuelo. We meet Yosuke Hakone, a pilot with Earth’s military with the mission to head into space with his copilot Hanaco and defeat humanity’s greatest threat. However, teamwork ends up dividing the pair. Luckily, there are mechs and furry characters to help fuel this adventure.

This is the second in Dento Nanahoshi and Liar-soft’s STX-SF series, following Alpha-Nighthawk. This space opera sequel is for the starry-eyed dreamer in all of us–a nostalgic nod to the adage that what’s essential is invisible to the eye.

There is an adult version available of the game via Johren, but the Steam release features an all-ages version.

We’ll keep you updated on the release of Beta-SixDouze and future titles from this publisher and developer.

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