Best Trailers From the Guerrilla Collective Showcase

Best Trailers From the Guerrilla Collective Showcase

Guerrilla Collective is a three-day digital festival that showcases some of the newest reveals from well known to upcoming developers and publishers across the world. With what’s going on with the pandemic, it was definitely a breath of fresh air to see the great indie games included in this new celebration of games where they wouldn’t have normally gotten the chance to at other events. Here are some trailers that we want to highlight from across the three-day event.

Day 1

Boyfriend Dungeon

Have you ever had a weapon in a video game and just thought, “Man, I just wanna be with this thing, forever…like romantically.” Well, Kitfox Games has you covered with Boyfriend Dungeon, where you can take your badass sword, hammer, or whatever you choose to take with you while clearing dungeons. The fighting systems feature hack-and-slash elements across a variety of weapons. Once you’re done, your weapon actually transforms into a hot guy that you can hang out at the beach or wherever. Boyfriend Dungeon will release on PC-via Steam and Nintendo Switch in 2020.


Blending narrative and exploration isn’t uncommon, but it still manages to grab my interests. Lake puts you in the shoes of Meredith Weiss, who returns to her hometown in Providence Oaks, Oregon, to help fill in for her dad’s job as a mail carrier for a few weeks. There seems to be a ton of branching narratives that add variety to each playthrough. All the while, you get to drive your dad’s mail truck throughout the town. Lake is in development for Consoles and PC and Mac for a Q4 2020 release.


There’s just something that’s so endearing about old-school FPS games like Doom. Nowadays, shooters need some sort of tactical element to them since its not too practical to go around running and shooting like crazy anymore. Ultrakill, developed by Arsi “Hakita” Patala, brings the old-school fun appeal of the genre back to the fans, and it looks stupidly fun. Ultrakill has a planned release date for Summer 2020.


Roki, developed by Polygon Treehouse, caught my eye from its sheer dark elements. It seems like a fun adventure at first, but it evolves into something sinister, and I am all for that kind of narrative storytelling. It’s a dark fairy tale that features a deep narrative, puzzles, and exploration, and it’s inspired by Scandinavian folklore. Be on the lookout for Roki on PC in July and Nintendo Switch later this year.

No Place for Bravery

No Place for Bravery adds a layer of death and destruction to its retro aesthetic, which is fueled by a parent’s love for their child. Gameplay revolves around the struggle of existing in a war-torn world and doing whatever it takes to achieve your goal. No Place for Bravery is coming to Nintendo Switch and PC-via Steam in Q1 2021.

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