Noisy Pixel’s Top Five ‘Best Indie Horror Games’

Sup Nerds, Noisy Pixel is channeling our Halloween spirit by getting together to choose our top five indie horror games. They might not have a high budget, but they still managed to scare the hell out of us.

The list was voted on by members of Noisy Pixel’s staff out of around 30 other titles. While some are left out, many of the games in this category are truly terrifying. Indie horror seems to have a distinct way of scaring the players. Relying on jump scares, descriptive text, and unsettling moments, the genre has evolved over the years and is now something some players prefer over the life-like graphics of AAA titles available.

So please watch and let us know what you think of our picks. If you have a list of your own, let us know. Or, you can just tell us how wrong we are in the comments, but either way, we love to chat with you all.

If there’s a list that you’d like to see us tackle, be sure to tell and maybe we’ll tackle it in the future or maybe not, but we will most definitely try.

You can watch the Best Indie Horror Games video below:

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