Best Games of 2022: Kyle’s Top 5 Games of 2022

2022 has been a fantastic year for gaming titles and long-awaited announcements of titles that we have been looking forward to, which makes me more excited for the following year. It’s that time, however, to pick five games released this year that I enjoyed. This is Kyle Clark, and here are my top five games of 2022. Making this list was challenging due to so many titles being released this year, so I apologize if a title you enjoyed this year isn’t on this list; let’s get started.

5. Multiversus


If I’m going, to be honest, I didn’t expect Multiversus to turn out as good as it did. I wasn’t interested in it during its first few weeks until a few friends recommended I play it, and I was surprised at how good it was. I loved the wide range of characters you can play, from Velma Dinkley, who I always kept losing, to people that played as her, to DC superheroes and Game of Thrones characters.

The leveling-up system and perks you get as you level up a character of your choice to help improve them are always fun to try out in the game’s training room. Despite Multiversus’ tendency to wave around cosmetics and extra perks that you can get quicker by paying real money like other free-to-play games, It was easy to get into, and It wasn’t frustrating enough to quit. Every play session I had with the game was fun, and I tended to laugh at some of the match turnouts. I even had more fun when I played with the same friends that got me into the game in the first place.

4. Evil Dead: The Game


While I am a fan of the Evil Dead franchise itself, like with Multiversus, I wasn’t interested enough to get the game; it was only until I saw a few gameplay videos a few days before it released that I was curious enough to buy and play it on its first day released to the public. I loved the open-world aspects of each map, almost to the point that you have to drive around from Point A to B to complete the many objectives each match has in trying to stop the Deadites from taking over the world.

Of course, what wouldn’t be a fun Evil Dead game but playing not one version of Ash Williams but multiple versions of him from different points of the franchise? Characters associated with Evil Dead and Ash, such as Ash’s sister Cheryl from the original movie, Annie Knowby from its well-beloved sequel, Pablo and Kelly from the tv series, and even the Allen siblings from the remake also appear with most of these characters even had their actors and actresses reprise their roles.

Evil Dead was especially fun to play with friends for a few hours as the play sessions I had were always so chaotic, but it was fun.

3. Cult of the Lamb

Cult of the Lamb 3

Having previously reviewed this game in august, I spent countless hours playing through this rouge-like slasher; However, slashing through enemies to get to the cult leaders is one of the game’s main aspects, its cutesy storybook-esque appearance and its village-raising gameplay was what drew me into the game more as I often spent a lot of time in the Lamb’s cult, naming and customizing his followers, as well as trying my best not to let their faith in me fall to the point that they cause protests or try to leave my cult.

Of course, one of the game’s mechanics allows you to sacrifice your cultist to gain an advantage, such as reviving yourself if you die, for example, so I didn’t feel too bad for them when I chose them to be sacrificed.

Once again, I highly recommend Cult of the Lamb to those who are fans of both the rouge-like genre and those that enjoy village-raising sims and would like a dark twist in the latter genre as you’ll likely finish the game with different cultists that you start as you help enact the Lamb’s revenge against those that executed him.

2. God of War: Ragnarök


Having finished the first game at the start of the year, I was excited for God of War Raganarok’s release. I enjoyed every single minute of it, from Kratos and Atreu’s dynamic to seeing characters like Freya, Mimir, Brok, and Sindri again for the father and son’s latest adventure as they try and prevent the titular Ragnarok… Well, Arteus attempts to prevent Ragnarok as Kratos prefers to stay out of it.

The newer characters introduced in this game were great to be around, too, such as Angroboda, Tyr, Sindri, and Broks cousin Durlin and Thor; my favorite new character was Yggdrasil tree resident Ratatoskr, who’s now voiced by Sungwon Cho instead of Troy Baker. If you ever want to find a way to anger the squirrel, I suggest hitting his chimes multiple times when you have the opportunity.

Each new realm Kratos and Atreus explore is also great to enter and return to when backtracking later in the game. I spent a few hours trying to find collectibles in each realm and find ways to complete each puzzle in an area, even if I quickly grew tired of other characters telling me to keep trying to solve a puzzle in a different way.

Combat itself is as fluid and sometimes tricky as ever, with Kratos finishing moves on an enemy being as gory as ever. Nevertheless, God of War’s story is as emotional and exciting as it was from its previous title and a worthy sequel to the 2018 original.

1. Ghostwire Tokyo

Ghostwire Tokyo 4

Bethesda Softwork’s last title before being acquired by Microsoft. I loved Tokyo Ghostwire and its ability to allow you to travel around Tokyo itself, after clearing torii gates around the map first, that is. Each street I walked through while fighting hostile spirits and ghosts always amazed me with the incredible detail put into it.

The relationship between Akito and KK was great to watch develop, as the two went from bickering at the start of the game to being buddies near the end. Each of the game’s side quests was fun, too, with some being funny, creepy to sad as you try to help spirits pass on to the afterlife. You can pet dogs and cats you find during your journey, and feeding them will even cause them to lead you to treasure throughout the map.

I haven’t seen Ghostwire being talked about that much after its release, which is sad to see as it was one of my favorite games of this year, and I recommend it to anyone looking for a new PlayStation 5 or Windows game to try out. For Xbox users disappointed that the game isn’t on that console yet, keep your eyes out in 2023 for a possible port to that console once the timid exclusivity for Ghostwire ends.

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