Noisy Pixel’s Best Games of 2020 (so far) Because Why Not

Here at Noisy Pixel, we make it a point to review and cover all genres of video games, which we believe gives us the right to make a list about the best game released so far in 2020. Currently, we are right there with you and can’t believe that it is already April, and we’ve already seen some of the notable releases this year has to offer within the first quarter.

So onto the list, which is presented in no particular order, we didn’t even put it in alphabetical order. These are just the game that we think have made the most significant impact on us this year and will be strong contenders for game of their for their respective categories and genre.

If you don’t agree with us, well, that’s okay, we didn’t ask you to, but I assure you our list is perhaps more substantial then yours. If you’d like to challenge us or just add in a game that we missed, please let us know in the comments below, and we’ll discuss as civil internet individuals do.

Thankfully, we’ve removed the reading from this list and decided just to make a video, which you can watch below, enjoy:

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