Bennett Foddy’s Baby Steps Gets New Gameplay Trailer

Sony’s September 2023 State of Play opened with a brand-new gameplay trailer for Bennett Foddy and Devolver Digital’s upcoming title, Baby Steps.

This title is a comedic, three-dimensional take on the developer’s legendary QWOP flash game, tasking players with getting from one location to the next while individually controlling their leg muscles. The trailer showed several instances of the player failing and falling, the character reacting humorously, and meeting another character who attempts to encourage him.

The game is described as having “fully-simulated physics-based walking,” “a lengthy trek up a mountain-sized mountain that you can explore at your own pace, or slower,” and a “fully dynamic onesie soilage system,” so players can expect a similar sense of both frustration and humor as the developer’s other games.

Baby Steps is coming to PlayStation 5 and PC in 2024.

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