Being “A Part of the Conversation” in 2019 Is Already Difficult One Month In

Looking at the number of video game releases in the first couple months of 2019 fills me with joy. Seeing games like Resident Evil 2 Remake, Ace Combat 7, Kingdom Hearts III, and a handful of indie titles that I’ve wanted to play for what feels like years now. However, that joy quickly turns into anxiety when the pressure of “Being a part of the conversation” weighs down on me.

This term has been kicked around the gaming industry for years, and while some refrain from saying it today, it still holds weight on gamers who want to play every game that releases. The idea that if you’re not playing a game when it releases then you’ll somehow miss out is something that affects even me. Some gamers are lucky and they’re okay with playing one game for months such as an MMORPG or even a sports title, but I fall into a category where I enjoy a variety of games. Sadly, this means that I don’t always get to finish games that I want because games just keep releasing.

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What’s more upsetting is that I happen to favor JRPG games, which can easily take upwards of 20 hours to complete sometimes. These are games that rely on their story, characters, and battle system to get the most out of them. However, while I’m trying to get through the new Sword Art Online DLC, Kingdom Hearts III releases and I’m forced to start a brand new game, which means a brand new story, characters, and battle system.

How does one properly address their backlog when games just keep releasing? This year, Square Enix is releasing Left Alive, a game based in the Front Mission universe, but I haven’t yet beaten the original Front Mission game even though I own it. There’s just not enough time in the day. These are the thoughts that go on in my head after every game is announced.

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Loving video games seems to mean that you need to learn to pencil in your social life schedule because most of your time is spent doing what brings you joy. The industry is getting overcrowded with beautiful experiences and adventures that I want to play, but Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition, Resident Evil 2 Remake, Kingdom Hearts III, Dragon: Marked for Death, and a handful of visual novels releasing within a month’s time does not help my craving to play these games and talk about them with others who are playing.

Other factors are introduced such as the financial impact of purchasing these games at launch only to be able to play through an hour of them before a new game releases and I feel the need to play it. Being a part of the conversation has created an industry and hobby where we can’t even fully enjoy the things we enjoy because there’s just too much of it, which shouldn’t be a bad thing. I’d like to take a step away from this way of thinking for a while and wholeheartedly put my full attention into a game again. Sure, this might mean that I’ll miss out on a couple releases and feel left out of some Twitter threads, but there has to be a balance because 2019 in video games is not going to ease off, and neither will my craving to play these games unless I do something about it.

Please let us know your experiences with your backlog in the comments below.

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