Dead by Daylight Developer Comments on the Possibility of New ‘Naughty Bear’ Title

Behaviour Digital has made a name for themselves over the past years for their innovation in the 1v4 competitive space seen in Dead by Daylight. However, the studio has been around for quite some time working on licensed titles, but one title, to us, has always stood out: Naughty Bear.

During TwitchCon 2018, Noisy Pixel had the chance to sit down with the game’s director at Behaviour Digital and producer of Dead by Daylight Mathieu Côté and Dead by Daylight’s art director Filip Ivanović to talk about not only their future but also to take a quick look at their past. More specifically, we asked them the state of Naughty Bear and if we will ever see a new title in the series.

Mathieu Côté explained that the two had both worked on Naughty Bear. They both did voice-overs for Naughty Bear and Filip was the art tech lead for the game. “We actually have a lot of members on our team now that worked on Naughty Bear. That game is like the ancestor [of Dead by Daylight], and we were kicking around the idea for it for such a long time to make a game where you play as the villain in a horror movie. Naughty Bear was funny, just pure funny.” said, Côté.

The two then discussed how you could grab almost anything in the game and use it to kill other bears, but it was okay with ESRB because there was no blood, only fluff. To them, this made the game pretty fun to work with because you get to play as the villain in a horror movie.

As for a follow up to 2012’s digital release of Naughty Bear: Panic in Paradice, Côté explained, “You probably haven’t heard the last of Naughty Bear because it’s an IP that we own, and we had an external publisher for it, but the IP is still ours. It didn’t get in as many hands as we’d like, but the Wiki for the game is surprisingly still very active. There are still a few hidden things in Naughty Bear that have not been found.”

As for right now, the studio is focusing on the delivering new content to Dead by Daylight and also their upcoming title Deathgarden, which is in Steam Early Access and received a lot of feedback from fans.

Be sure to check out our full interview with Behaviour Digital when it posts later today.

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