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    Title: Beat Angel Escalayer Reboot
    Developer: Alicesoft
    Release Date: June 11, 2020
    Reviewed On: PC
    Publisher: MangaGamer
    Genre: Visual Novel

I didn’t know much about the Beat Angel Escalayer Reboot before I started playing, but I think that made its gameplay elements all the more interesting. Unlike other visual novels, players interact with many of its systems and characters, making it more in line with a simulation game. Regardless of the genre debate, it’s definitely an eroge, so understand that and let’s move on.

Beat Angel Escalayer Reboot begins by asking players one of the toughest questions in visual novel history, “do you want the heroine to wear glass or not?” After you’ve come to terms with your choice, the adventure begins, and right out the gate, you are getting it on with your childhood friend. However, the story does a flashback to a few days before to lay out exactly how this all happened.

Our main protagonist is Kyouhei Yanase, who is pretty unlikable for the most part. One day, his childhood friend, Sayuka, is transferred into his classroom, but she seems to have forgotten all about him. While he attempts to figure all of this out, Earth is invaded by an alien force known as Dai-Lust. Yea, we’re moving quickly here. Kyouhei chases after Sayuka and catches her, uh, pleasing herself in the heat of all the commotion. Then, she transforms into a powerful magical girl known as Escalayer.

That’s probably a lot to take in, but it’s explained that Sayuka’s father knew this day would come, so he modified his own daughter with Escalaryer abilities. However, since he is a pervert, she needs to be pleasured to receive her full powers. Given that Kyouhei caught her, he is then blackmailed into taking on the task of helping her out.

Beat Angel Escalayer Reboot 4

The story is exceptionally light-hearted and is not to be taken seriously. Kyouhei is just a sarcastic ass hole at times, and once he gets the okay to have sex with Sayuka, he doesn’t hold back. However, there’s a real sense of conflict that builds between the cast and the enemy. There are a few good plot developments that make it worth the time and effort to experience.

Most of the game’s routes are determined by your actions, but we’ll get into that later. Still, it’s unlikely you’ll get to see everything your first time through. Although this adds to the replayability, if you aren’t absolutely down with h-scenes, then you probably won’t care about anything these characters do. That is unless you are just super eager to watch these perverts save the world, then, by all means, read on.

Beat Angel Escalayer Reboot 1

Players play a considerable role in how Kyouhei spends his day. You can have sex with Sayuka, rest, do community service, or battle to become stronger. There are some light RPG elements here, but I wish that Alicesoft didn’t get as creative as they did with these systems. Interacting with Sayuka will require you to roll dice to get to a certain number. This number becomes higher the further you get in the game, but each choice is tied to a specific sexual act. While resting refills your dice, you shouldn’t have too much issue rolling a high number.

Following the act, Sayuka can level up her stats, and then a battle will commence. Leveling up allows you to distribute points to key areas of Sayuka freely. This also determines the outcome of battles, given that actions and attack power are tied to Sayuka’s level.

Battles feature an RNG system where skills are selected at random. I’m not sure why an MP system wasn’t used instead, but here we are. Battles don’t require too much interaction since all you are really doing is clicking, but fighting the more significant enemies unlock new h-scenes, I mean, what did you expect?

Beat Angel Escalayer Reboot 2

Each of the additional actions is rather straight forward, but everything you do inches you through the narrative. It’s all pretty basic, which is surprising since the menu design is exceptionally overwhelming at first glance. Still, I had fun after I figured out how to keep the town peaceful and Sayuka sexed-up. There are times where the game likes to challenge you with random events, but I didn’t have a problem with getting through everything.

Beat Angel Escalayer released almost 20 years ago, with Reboot launching six years ago. Still, the art assets hold up incredibly well, and the character illustrations have a timeless appeal to them. There are a lot of CGs in this game, most of them being h-scenes that are aimed at different fetishes and situations. They are pretty descriptive overall and feature many of the game’s heroines. Furthermore, there are a ton of costume changes that see Sayuka in various outfits across the entire story.

Beat Angel Escalayer Reboot 3

Beat Angel Escalayer Reboot doesn’t break any ground in the story department, given that the main protagonist is mostly unlikeable. However, there’s so much interaction and good moments of character dialogue that you can quickly look past the downsides. Sadly, sim elements are needlessly tied to RNG mechanics, but after a few hours, you’ll be saving the town and unlocking h-scenes at a steady pace. If that’s not what you’re looking for, then you won’t be missing out on much skipping this title.

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