Bayonetta 3 Showcases & Discusses Designs of Demon Masquerades

Developer PlatinumGames has published a new Bayonetta 3 blog post and YouTube video from the lead character designer and art director Mari Shimazaki discussing the designs and final models regarding the Demon Masquerade mechanic.

To make Bayonetta’s acquired Infernal Demons easier to identify and recollect, the Demon Masquerade concept, which alters the protagonist’s form depending on the utilized demon, was put into practice. Rather than just merging the designs of Bayonetta and the respective Demon, the former was continually “rebuilt from her very core,” with inorganic features also implemented to contrast the Infernal Demons’ organic-centric designs.

Concept illustrations and renders for the following Demon Masquerades were shared:

Madama Butterfly

Cuteness was emphasized in this design in an effort to make her distinct, as the demon is human-like on its own. Interestingly, this particular Masquerade can be perceived from Bayonetta’s shadow, with different weapons changing the outlines.


Coolness was the priority for this design that was established in the early stages of development, contrasting Madama’s beauty.


In early concepts of this Masquerade, clothing was implemented to illustrate Bayonetta herself more clearly, but that idea was ultimately scrapped.


This design was purposefully made to match Bayonetta β 3, aimed toward a belly-dancer style.

For more granular details regarding these intricate designs and other facets of the creative process, check out the full blog post.

You can view the video form of this blog post discussing the Demon Masquerade designs below:

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A prequel for the series, Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon, was recently announced and is launching for Switch on March 17, 2023.

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