Bayonetta 3 Showcases & Discusses Design of Infernal Demon Cheshire

Developer PlatinumGames has published a new Bayonetta 3 blog post and YouTube video from character modeler Minoru Kasai discussing the modeling and texture work for the Infernal Demon Cheshire.

The most challenging parts of this character’s creation were making him able to walk on both two and four legs, emphasizing the texture of his fur, and letting his mouth open to such a vast extent. Then, brief clips were shared, highlighting the skeleton and mesh to prevent deformation and going off-model.

It was also imperative to ensure that the model’s sheer size didn’t detract from the enjoyability expected from an action game. So that feat was prioritized alongside having the model look like a stuffed toy.

Other more granular details were talked about, as the following images were shared:

You can view the Cheshire character modeling video below:

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A prequel for the series, Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon, was recently announced and is launching for Switch on March 17, 2023.

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