Bayonetta 3 Music Supervisor Discusses Creation of Theme Song, “We Are As One”

Developer PlatinumGames has shared a new blog post from composer and music supervisor Hiroshi Yamaguchi discussing the theme track of Bayonetta 3, “We Are As One.”

He emphasizes that after working on the first two games, he didn’t believe that there could be further audio evolution for the franchise, yet the team managed to achieve that feat in the end. Yamaguchi also reveals that the music supervisor role he holds is a new one for the company, as it “specializes in music supervision, production, and production management.” This position was created so that more focus could be spent on ensuring that the musical quality could go beyond previous games’ limits.

“We Are As One” was the first song completed for Bayonetta 3, though the game’s development was still in its early infancy, with only its design document and scenario mapped out. Yamaguchi then details a humorous anecdote about how, during a work party at the start of 2018, he was first approached to write the theme song.

Amidst the three drafts “We Are As One” went through, the team’s primary goal was to “create a simple, universal concept that would convey the message of the song intuitively while keeping a jazzy, fashionable tone that would resound with the Bayonetta lore.” Said message contained concepts of “future,” “hope,” and “freedom from the curse of the past,”veiled by “destruction” and “ruin.” The first draft was closest to Kamiya’s vision, so further work was honed in that direction.

The recording of the theme song involved the efforts of conductor and orchestrator John R. Graham, who worked in Hollywood and for Japanese historical dramas, as well as recording and mixing engineer Daniel Kresc. Music producer Koyo Sonae brought up the idea of performing the recording in Abbey Road in London, which was ideal given the general locale being Bayonetta’s birthplace.

When asking Rachael Hawn to write the lyrics and eventually sing the track, the trilogy’s connections were a strong emphasis that the development staff wanted to be reflected. And ultimately, the music video for “We Are As One” showcases Bayonetta’s unrepressed self, no longer shackled by her obligations.

Three set photos of the recording location were shared, viewable below:

You can read more details regarding the creation of “We Are As One” via the official PlatinumGames website.

Nintendo recently uploaded the theme song in full and provided the complete lyrics.

The Bayonetta 3 soundtrack is launching next month.

Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon will launch for Nintendo Switch on March 17, 2023. Pre-orders are now available, too.

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