VR Pirate Adventure ‘Battlewake’ Unveiled; Arrives This Summer

VR game developer Survios, best known for acclaimed combat games Raw Data and Creed: Rise to Glory, has announced that Battlewake, a high-seas mayhem VR adventure, is sailing over to VR platforms and arcades this summer.

If you’d like to try it out as quickly as possible, however, sign up for the closed beta.

In Battlewake, players will be transformed into one of four super-powered Pirate Lords embarking on a massive nautical war for the ages. As a captain of your very own fully-armed, upgradable ship, you’ll have the power unleash an arsenal of thirteen unique ship-based weapons and channel magical powers as you navigate your vessel into prime positions for broadsides, ramming, and other brute-force attacks. Instead of just firing away puny cannons and calling it a day, being a Pirate Lord in Battlewake will let you summon mighty tsunamis, release the Kraken, and more special attacks recalled from tall tales.

Furthermore, Battlewake will feature multiple game modes, like the single player PvE mode with 20 chapters, cooperative multiplayer gauntlets in Warfare Mode, and free-for-all PvP deathmatches. From the Captain’s Quarters, players will be able to spend hard-earned gold from matches to make their ship the best it can be by boosting stats, weapons, as well as level up Pirate Lord skills and abilities to turn the tides in battles.

There’ll be no need to worry about getting seasick in Battlewake, though, as Survios has implemented a vehicular locomotion system, dubbed as the Immersive Vehicle System, that’ll prevent players from getting woozy. Thanks to adaptive physics and peripheral effects subsystems in the game, players can simply focus on the battle at hand and take on the high seas. Just like a real sea adventure, the seas of Battlewake will be dynamic, changing from peaceful to extreme depending on your surroundings, so battles definitely will be even more intense.

As far as the Battlewake arcade build goes, it’ll be at various locations and will support up to 10 players.

No need to whip out a pirate’s telescope to find Battlewake‘s screenshots and trailer, we have exactly what you’re looking for below, mateys:

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