Battlefield V’s Dedication to Single Player Narrative Shines in War Stories Trailer

DICE launched a new trailer for their upcoming first person shooter Battlefield V, coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on November 20.

The trailer focuses on the story campaign of the Battlefield V, a mode that has been left out of other first person shooters and one that DICE seems to want to put their full support behind. Introduced in Battlefield 1, the War Story campaign will take players across the map to new fronts and focus on a individuals on the battlefield. Players will learn about each character and their unique drive to be a part of this war.

The War Story mode takes place during World War 2 through the eyes of men and women who were a part of this dangerous time, but still fought to change the world.

EA has also confirmed that more details about War Stories mode will release soon.

In case you missed it, Battlefield V also has an online mode that went through a beta and received additional tweeks outlined by the developers in a blog post.

You can watch the new trailer below:

Author’s take: I enjoy a good single player campaign and the short and powerful War Story campaigns that I got to play through in Battlefield 1 offered a great story experience in a short amount of time. I’m curious to see how they’ve improved this way of delivered stories and which characters they’ll choose to focus on.

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