Battlefield V: The Last Tiger Impressions – A Story Worth Telling

Battlefield V launched on November 9 with the promise of free story updates and they delivered shortly after the after launch with The Last Tiger. This new approach to releasing updates without a paid season pass was met with caution because it’s rare to even hear of such an approach from developers today.

Although it didn’t launch alongside the game, Battlefield V: The Last Tiger does have a story to tell that runs alongside the events of Battlefield V from another perspective. Was this worth the wait though, well let’s take a look.

The Last Tiger has players assume the role of a German Tiger Tank for the large majority of its a little over one-hour runtime. I can tell you with certainty that DICE knows how to make mobile combat feel good and accessible and this also applies to the developers other multiplayer FPS titles.

For some, this type of combat might come off as monotonous as you travel from one area to the next and shooting enemies that seem to be far weaker than you. I found that this campaign is better experienced on higher difficulties so it doesn’t come off as boring when you’re mowing down enemies without any real strategy.

The story of The Last Tiger is interesting in and of itself as you play as a member of the German forces. This isn’t something that players usually see in World War II games, which generally focus on playing as the allied forces. I commend DICE for choosing this storyline and telling these stories that are normally less explored.

Furthermore, scenes focusing on the characters were more powerful than I expected. Even though the game clocks in around one hour, I found that I cared about these soldiers and their story, which I wasn’t expecting.

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Taking a lot at the graphics and sound of Battlefield V: The Last Tiger. I feel like the developers did a great job at capturing this moment in history and making it as accurate as possible. In a generation where other FPS titles have abandoned story campaigns altogether, I find it nice to know that DICE is continuing to support these single player stories.

In conclusion, I feel like Battlefield V: The Last Tiger is definitely worth checking out if you own Battlefield V. It’s paved the way for me to look forward to all of the future content and stories that DICE has coming up.

Battlefield V is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Author: Jordan Boyd

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