Battlefield V Shows Eight Multiplayer Maps Available at Launch in New Trailer

DICE released a new trailer for their first-person shooter Battlefield V, coming to PlayStation 4, XBox One, and PC on November 20.

The trailer details 8 multiplayer maps that players will wage war on. The trailer is also narrated to provide further details on each map, such as landmark and choke points. Maps will feature different elements from snow to desert to jungle landscapes.

I feel like I prefer the city levels in the game such as Rotterdam because of the destructible nature of the environment. Additionally, the trailer details some of the more powerful mounted weapons as well as the aircrafts available in each map.

In case you missed it, the developer recently detailed the game’s free live service as they do away with paid premium passes and opt to deliver DLC content to players timely. The team also is focused on delivering a single player campaign where players can fight on multiple battlefields throughout the war in a mode called War Stories.

You can check out the new map trailer below:

Author’s take: Say what you want, but DICE knows how to make a good map. Each Battlefield game consistently impresses me due to its design and presentation. Where other FPS titles tend to go for close quarter combat, Battlefield includes the option but also allows players to get more creative and think outside the box with how they want to invade enemy territory.

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