Battlefield V Receives Balancing and Improvements After Open Beta Feedback

DICE shared the data collected during Battlefield V’s Open Beta that ran from September 4 through September 11.

The company reveals that “tens of millions of hours” were spent in the two available stages, Rotterdam and Navik, and modes, Conquest and Grand Operations. The most popular class played was Assault, no surprise there, with the Support class coming in as the least played.

However, the developer didn’t just share positive stats, they did come out with some feedback that they’ll be implementing into the game before launch. Evidently, players felt that the game’s attrition needed tweaking, which the developer is implementing into the final game. Also, some Supply Stations will be removed and players might be able to start a match with a Health Pouch that they can use once.

Additional improvements include player visibility so players can easily spot friendlies in the heat of the battle. However, they won’t implement the “tortilla chip-sized” spotting icons on the top of player’s instead they’ll fix the visibility by using a “distance haze” to make players pop out more.

Players will also bleed out faster, but this will also count towards your respawn time. So if you spend more time bleeding out then your respawn wait time will be shorter.

Other improvements will include new vehicles, extended systemic vehicle damage, and better spotting for pilots. All the details can be found on the developer’s blog page.

To outline all of these updates, DICE also posted a 24-minute video where the developers discuss everything they learned during the open beta, you can watch that below. You can also check out the most recent trailer showing extended gameplay from Gamescom 2018.

Battlefield V is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on November 20.

Author’s take: I know people are down about DICE, but Battlefield has rarely let me down and I feel like Battlefield V will only raise the bar on what this series does for the first person shooter genre.

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