Battlefield 2042 Review – Battlefield for all Generations

    Title: Battlefield 2042
    Developer: DICE
    Release Date: November 12, 2021
    Reviewed On: PC
    Publisher: EA
    Genre: FPS

Battlefield fans vary by generation. The pool of players range in age, but their allegiance for the series largely depends on which one they played the most of growing. Like myself, people in their 30s will tell you that Bad Company 2 was the best entry yet, but you have your Battlefield 3 diehards as well. Regardless of which series you love, Battlefield 2042 is here to satisfy your love for the series, even though it lacks a single-player experience.

From the initial menu, Battlefield 2042 provides everything a player would need to get right into what they are looking for in terms of gameplay modes and experiences. Loyalists will jump right into warfare with Conquest and Breakthrough modes being offered. It’s traditional Battlefield in a sense, but some refinements to the maps have made them more approachable. Even in my first playthrough, I had an understanding of the layout. Granted, after a few more attempts, it’s evident that others attempt to figure out a meta, and that ends up changing the game across matches.

Guns open a world of possibilities in terms of setting up your loadout. You can create multiple different attachments to each weapon that allows in-game switching alongside the classes. Additionally, the character classes are essential to any party. Utilizing elements like calling in a vehicle, medic, and resupply crates creates roles within the party to give each member a job besides simply shooting down the enemy.

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If there’s one mode that I had the most fun in, it would be Hazard Zone. I’m not a fan of battle royale games, but I think this mode borrows a few systems from this genre. You arrive with your party and must collect data disks from various locations. The Specialists and loadouts must be purchased with money earned in-match from kills and successful missions, but generally, every team is on an even playing field.

However, rushing in isn’t advised since you only have one life, but there are ways to revive your fallen party members with support skills. An extraction point will appear during the match, and all teams with data disks will run to that point to leave with their collected loot. This is where many best fights occurred, but I experienced intense interactions and teamwork across the map beyond any FPS that I have played before.

Perhaps it was when I jumped into a tornado and used it to launch me to the extraction where my team and I escaped that I realized this is where I would be spending most of my time. I felt like this was the flagship experience for new and returning players. Despite what era you grew up within Battlefield, this mode marries modern and classic gameplay and delivers an authentic team-driven experience. Losing also grants you money, which means you can jump right back in after a loss with some extra gear.

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Portal Mode is where every generation of Battlefield comes together. Here players can jump in on classic maps from Battlefield 1942, Bad Company 2, and Battlefield 3. In addition, the modes allow players to use character classes and guns from those titles, which was a rush of nostalgia for me.

The significant addition to this mode, though, is the ability to customize the experience completely. Using a programming UI system, players can create custom matches that do things from pistols only to rocket launcher matches with the only way to reload is to jump five times. The possibilities are endless, but I’ll admit that the novelty of some of the stranger custom matches wore off. Nevertheless, I’m sure this mode will evolve with the community, and although I don’t have the patience to create cool levels, I don’t mind playing them.

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Battlefield 2042 is a gorgeous game with environments that provide so many different opportunities to players so matter which specialist they play as. I love the sense of scale and dedication put into the launch levels, but I’m looking forward to future updates.

The downside of the experience is only found in the menu and UI design. Everything works, but accessing options and even finding a match is confusing. I feel like a tutorial is needed to let the player know everything they have access to, but the game assumes that all players have some experience with this game. Regardless, a minor complaint about a fun experience.

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What Battlefield 2042 lacks in a single-player campaign, it makes up for in the sheer amount of content that it delivers to fans from all generations of the series. It’s a walk down memory lane that provides hours of that Battlefield action that you’d expect. You may have to spend a few of those understanding the UI and gun customization features, but with the inclusion of Hazard Zone and Portal, the possibilities of enjoyment here are endless.

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