Bandai Namco Producer Says Xenosaga Remaster “Failed” Profitable Market Analysis

One trilogy of games that many western RPG fans have fond memories of is the Xenosaga series. These three games tell an incredibly complex story with a large cast of characters. However, the series had a rough conclusion in the west when many fans discovered changes were made during localization. Still, fans urge the publisher, Bandai Namco, to return to the series for a proper remastered release of the trilogy.

In a sad turn of events, director and producer Katsuhiro Harada, known for producing the Tekken series, shared a comment about the possibility of a remastered release of Xenosaga, and it’s not good news. Harada-san acknowledges in a Twitter post that the idea of a remastered version was brought up, but the concept “failed in a profitable market analysis.” And adds, “Sorry guys, This plan will be difficult to resurface.”

What this means for fans of the series is that they probably won’t be hearing news of a remastered release of the trilogy any time soon. What the studio did during these planning stages or the steps that they took were not disclosed, but they clearly would want a return on the investment of remastering the game, which they don’t see. This might be in part due to the high demand of online titles for the mass market of gamers, where single-player experiences generally require a big name attached to them to reach a broad player base, something Xenosaga doesn’t have.

We can still hope that the publisher will reconsider their stance on the project.

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