Bandai Namco Announces New Mobile Division in the West

Bandai Namco announced they have expanded their company to include a new mobile division outside of the Asian market simply called Bandai Namco Mobile.

Created in Barcelona, Spain, Bandai Namco Mobile will focus on growing the mobile business and sharing Bandai Namco titles with the west.

“Setting up a separate company for all our western mobile development and marketing allows us to react better to market tendencies and create higher quality content at a faster pace, as part of our long term vision for the business,” commented Naoki Katashima, CEO of BNE Europe, BNE America, and BNM. “We hope you look forward to great entertainment delivered by Bandai Namco Mobile.”

“The choice to settle in Barcelona was not a difficult one,” noted Tatsuya Kubota, COO of BNM. “The city is not only one of the most beautiful cities in the world, it’s also the hotbed for international video game development and home to the best talent the mobile industry has to offer.”

Bandai Namco Mobile will officially open its doors in early 2020 as the company begins recruiting staff in the coming months.

In Japan, Bandai Namco has some a handful of mobile titles that have never come west. Opening this division of the company will make it easier for the publisher to bring these titles to western fans.

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