Baldur’s Gate 3 Launches New Patch 5 Update; New Modes, Playable Epilogue and Several Quality of Life Improvements

Baldur’s Gate 3 Launches New Patch 5 Update; New Modes, Playable Epilogue and Several Quality of Life Improvements

In the latest Steam post for Baldur’s Gate 3, developer Larian Studios shared some of the new things that will be coming to Baldur’s Gate 3 on Patch 5. According to the developer, this is their feature-filled patch since launch, comprised of brand new epilogues that bring closure to each player’s unique journey, along with new game modes, and much more.

First up, playable epilogues. In their own words: “Your epilogue is defined by you.” This means that the culmination of every choice and consequence that you’ve made since the very start of your adventure have branched into a gigantic tree of permutations that leads to an opportunity to reflect on that journey before you say goodbye. This “final goodbye” has resulted in some of the most complex writing in the game thus far for the writers at Larian Studio, as it takes advantage of Baldur’s Gate 3’s reactivity across the entire adventure.

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Players can experience new cinematics that reflect the arc of their story, reunite with your companions to reminisce and trade tales, read letters sent by old friends, and keep abreast of the latest Baldur’s Gate news with updates in the Baldur’s Mouth Gazette. Though happy endings are never guaranteed, this final scene aims to bring closure to their personal story, based on your choices. In fact, over 1.3 million players have finished Baldur’s Gate 3 since its release in August, according to the developer.

Alongside the new epilogue content, both Honour Mode and Custom Mode will be added to the game. In Honour Mode, the game’s intensity is further increased, making it even harder than the current hardest difficulty: Tactician Mode. It also introduces over 30 new tweaks to all of Baldur’s Gate 3’s boss-fights, with a new Legendary Action system designed to catch players off-guard and increase the challenge. Bosses can perform new actions, adding twists and turns to all major fights throughout the game.

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If you die in Honour Mode, you’ll be presented with statistics from your journey, including how long and how far you survived. Should you so choose, you can continue your adventure, which will then disable Honour Mode. But players who do manage to complete the entire game with Honour Mode enabled without dying will be awarded the coveted Golden D20, which will change the D20 skin to show everyone that yes, you managed to do it.

Of course, if harder content just isn’t your thing, you can try out Custom Mode, a new game mode that allows you to pick and choose the type of experience best for you. There are many options to pick from, including a few favourites, such as the option hide the required roll to succeed dice checks, which gives a more realistic D&D experience, as well as the ability to hide enemy HP in battle to closely simulate the tabletop style. Other options include Short Rests fully healing the party, as well as disabling Death Saving Throws, or even the ability to hide failed Perception Checks.

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And finally, Patch 5 introduces a huge quality of life update in the form of improved inventory access. Now while in camp, you will be able to manage the inventory of companions who are not in your active party without having to recruit them first – all from one single UI. Furthermore, Baldur’s Gate 3 is now available with Korean-language subtitles and many performance improvements that were found as a result of developing the XBOX version.

Baldur’s Gate 3 invites players to re-enter the enchanting world of the Forgotten Realms, embarking on a captivating journey filled with themes of fellowship, betrayal, sacrifice, survival, and the alluring allure of ultimate power.

In case you missed it, check out our review. Baldur’s Gate 3 is available on PlayStation 5, PC, and Mac, with the Xbox release date set to be unveiled during the Game Awards.

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