Mech Adventure Visual Novel ‘Baldr Sky’ Launches Steam Page With Western Release “Coming Soon”

Sekai Project has launched the Steam page for the western release of the GIGA-developed mecha visual novel adventure Baldr Sky.

Baldr Sky is a combined release of the Japanese games ‘Baldr Sky Dive1 “Lost Memory”’ and ‘Baldr Sky Dive2 “Recordare”’. The story is set in the future where people and inplanted brain chips into themselves to escape off to a virtual work created by AI technology. However, this ends having side effects that no one could have predicted, except for every sci-fi movie about AI taking over the world.

The story follows freelance mercenary and simulacrum pilot Kou Kadokura. His life mission is to catch those responsible for an event known as Gray Christmas, the tragedy that destroyed his once peaceful life. However due to amnesia, he‘a having trouble remember things as he awakens in the middle of a bloody virtual battlefield, riding inside a mechanical body with a host of questions on his mind. There’s a woman calling him Lieutenant and he’s unsure of who he can truly trust when he has so many gaps in his memory. As war rages in dystopian Suzushiro City, all eyes are on Kou, the man with the answers to the world’s questions locked up inside of him. He must thread the needle amidst the delicate political balance in order to survive, regain his lost memories, and avenge the lives of the loved ones he lost. Players will unravel all the mysteries in this mech action game that takes place in a lovingly-crafted, unique cyberpunk setting.

Gameplay will feature 5 levels of difficulty where player will be able to customize their mech to fit their playstyle. Gameplay is a combination of 3D action and visual novel storytelling for a hybrid gameplay experience. We are unsure at this time if the adult version of the game will receive a western release

The developers describe the content like this:

Baldr Sky contains violence, blood, mild gore, some strong languages, and implied sexual content.

You can check out the screenshots below:

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