Timely Fan Patch Released Restoring 18+ Content to Steam Version of Baldr Sky

With the western release of the much-anticipated Baldr Sky now available to fans on Steam, some have been reluctant to pick up the game due to the lack of adult content. However, a group of dedicated fans were eager to jump on the project and release version 1.00 of an adult restoration patch for the Steam release.

The group, named Shadowolf, which is a reference to an in-game group, released the patch for free, with the following statement:

After learning that the English release of Baldr Sky would cut out the adult content, we organized to create a fully uncut version of the game. Though it’s taken several months of translation and hard work from our members, we’ve created a set of drop-in replacement files for game scripts, files and images most likely to be targeted by game cuts.

Although this patch is awfully timely, we aren’t complaining here at Noisy Pixel. Recently, the publisher released a statement about the edits made to the game in the west and how it wasn’t their preferred method, but that they wanted western players to experience the game anyway. The changes were made at the request of the developer, GIGA.

Baldr Sky is a combined release of the Japanese games ‘Baldr Sky Dive1 “Lost Memory”’ and ‘Baldr Sky Dive2 “Recordare”’. The story is set in the future where people and implanted brain chips into themselves to escape off to a virtual work created by AI technology. However, this ends having side effects that no one could have predicted, except for every sci-fi movie about AI taking over the world.

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