Baldr Sky Almost Didn’t Come West, But Six Years of Dedicated Work Made it Happen

Sekai Project recently announced that the Giga-developed visual novel RPG Baldr Sky would be launching on PC-via Steam soon. The release will contain both Drive1 “Lost Memory” and Drive2 “RECORDARE” of Baldr Sky for fans to experience the full story.

However, recent comments from the publisher express how the game almost didn’t come west. Talks to localize the project began six years ago. Founder Raymond Qian published a tweet that explains Baldr Sky initially took three years of discussions with the developer to localize in the west.

It seems the Japanese developer wasn’t wholly convinced that the game would do well in the west, to which Sekai Project had to present them with data and projected numbers. However, the team had initially been handed them the wrong deck, which extended the talks with setting up additional meetings. Qian adds, “I would be very sad if the game flopped, but that’s business for you! Taking risks because you believe in the product and the team.” After the developer approved the project, it would take three more years of localization to complete.

CEO at Sekai Project Chris Ling also chimed in to remember that there were times where they would have to wait six months between meetings with the developer and that they were at a point where they didn’t think they reach an agreement. They also rushed the announcement at Anime Expo 2016 to let fans know that they are working on the project.

Baldr Sky is an action RPG that follows a freelance mercenary and simulacrum pilot Kou Kadokura, who is on a life mission to catch those responsible for Gray Christmas, the tragedy that destroyed his once-peaceful life. However, he can’t seem to remember much past that. Driven by his desire, he has many questions that he seeks answers too. For one, a woman is calling him Lieutenant, but he’s confused about who he can trust. His goal is to survive, regain his lost memories, and avenge the lives of the loved ones he lost.

If you’d like to support the release, perhaps adding to your Steam wishlist will keep you updated on the game’s western release.

You can check out a ton of screenshots from the game below:

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