Balan Wonderworld Shows Off New Character, Story and Costume Details For Its First Chapter

Balan Wonderworld, the upcoming platformer from Director Yuji Naka and Character Designer Naoto Ohshima, has received more details regarding its story, characters and costumes for its first chapter.

A farmer by the name of Jose Gallard witnesses his cornfield being struck by a storm. Barktholomew, a creature lurking in the depths of Jose’s heart originally lurks in the depths of the worlds born from hearts. The creature controls a tornado, and the protagonist must overcome it in order to set Jose’s heart free.

You can watch the opening cinematic for Chapter 1 below:

The stage for Chapter 1 is inspired from Jose’s beautiful memories of his farm, with various crops and farming tools adorning the fields. A rolling iron ball and bulging sections of the ground show off the lively nature of the Chapter and what players can expect from it.

Several costumes that players can wear are also featured, which can be worn by players to grant them unique powers. These confirmed costumes include:

  • Tornado Wolf – A wolf costume that can fight against a storm. With its amazing tornado jump, it can beat Negati and repel tornadoes.
  • Jumping Jack – A kangaroo costume that lets you jump about. With it you can jump further and will be able to reach places that were previously just barely out of reach.
  • Pounding Pig – A piglet costume with a large behind. Inspect stakes protruding from the ground and obstacles that stand in your way with hip drops!
  • Dainty Dragon – A charming dragon costume that spits out flames. Break obstacles blocking the road with its continuous fire breath attack!
  • Elastiplant – A fast growing potted plant costume. With its stretchable body you can get to drops and Balan statues that are in high places!

Balan Wonderworld is releasing on March 26, 2021 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X for $59.99.

Additionally, there is a collector’s edition dubbed the ‘Showtime Set’, which contains the game’s original soundtrack on CD along with a bonus MP3 track, a Balan Wonderworld pin, a theatre program, and an Unwoven Tote Bag. The original soundtrack and pin are planned to be sold separately in the future, while the theatre program and Unwoven Tote Bag are intended to be exclusive collector edition items.

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