Bakamoe “Love Love Love, Burning in my Heart!” Coming West via NekoNyan

At Anime Weekend Atlanta, publisher NekoNyan announced that they will be localizing the Praline-developed visual novel, Bakamoe “Love Love Love, Burning in my Heart!” at a currently undisclosed time.

Notes: This will be released without mosaics. 100% translated and edited. ‘Hopefully won’t be too long until release’.

Throughout this title, protagonist Shoutarou Yamanaka attends Renren Academy, a school highly invested in getting its students to pursue romance. This goal is promoted in various ways, such as hosting couples-only options at the cafeteria and having classes solely dedicated to romance.

Yamanaka’s only goal is to find himself a girlfriend, though the Normie Resistance Brigade, intent on canceling the upcoming Christmas Party where couples supposedly thrive, will undoubtedly be an obstacle. Still, the protagonist is determined not to let the Brigade impede his chances for happiness.

We’ll be sure to keep you all updated regarding this upcoming localization.

You can view the opening movie of Bakamoe “Love Love Love, Burning in my Heart!” below:

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