Babylon’s Fall Reportedly “Not in Danger”

The official Babylon’s Fall Twitter account has released a statement about the game’s ongoing development, stating “There are no plans to reduce the scale of development on Babylon’s Fall.”

This statement likely came about as a result of the title’s very rough launch numbers, which peaked at less than 650 concurrent players on Steam on its launch day. (Source: VGC.) This led some to assume the game would die before long, which the developers are choosing to refute.

You can read the full statement below, but the gist of it is that content up until Season 2’s end is essentially done, and work on Season 3 has already started. On March 29th, the NieR Automata collaboration is still set to occur, and the dev team has no plans to stop working on the game.

If you’re  not sure whether it’s worth picking-up Babylon’s Fall, check out our video preview below, as well as our full written preview, where we said: “Unfortunately, my time with Babylon’s Fall’s Closed Beta Test was a rather soulless experience, at least as someone who did not play the previous tests. Combat felt like a chore, and gradual character strength progression does little to remedy that misgiving. I don’t think the design is objectively at fault, but it was simply not what I was hoping for or expecting.”

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Spencer Legacy

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