Baba Is You Developer Shares New Game ‘Mobile Suit Baba’ on PC for Free, For Now At Least

Baba Is You Developer Shares New Game ‘Mobile Suit Baba’ on PC for Free, For Now At Least

Hempuli Oy, known for the widely popular and beloved puzzle adventure Baba Is You, shared a new game, Mobile Suit Baba, on The game is currently free, but the listed price is $4.

In Mobile Suit Baba, players embark on an adventurous mission to thwart a mysterious force intent on stealing all the Fruit. Assisting Baba and friends, players navigate gigantic mech suits in a game that combines tactical puzzling with emotionally charged storytelling. Spanning a total of 43 missions, the game challenges players with intricate puzzles and additional demanding tasks. Drawing strong inspiration from Subset Games’ Into the Breach, Mobile Suit Baba offers a unique blend of strategy and narrative depth. Developed using Multimedia Fusion 2 by Clickteam, the game promises a distinctive experience for fans of tactical puzzle games.

Also, Baba Is You is available now on PC via Steam and has an overwhelmingly positive review from players.

Baba Is You is an innovative puzzle game that has garnered acclaim for its unique approach to gameplay. The core mechanic involves changing the game’s rules to progress through each level. Rules are represented as physical blocks within the game environment, which players can manipulate to alter the level’s behavior, leading to surprising and inventive interactions. This dynamic allows for a range of creative solutions, such as transforming the player character into different objects or modifying the level’s goal entirely, all through straightforward block-pushing actions.

The game challenges players across more than 200 levels, each exploring the mechanics in diverse ways. Players are required to not only understand the game’s rules but also to think outside the box to find clever ways to interact with objects within the game world. Baba Is You has an impressive pedigree, having been created for and winning the Nordic Game Jam 2017. It also received the Excellence in Design and Best Student Game awards at the Independent Games Festival 2018, and was a finalist in two other categories, including the prestigious Seumas McNally Grand Prize. The game was developed using Multimedia Fusion 2 by Clickteam, showcasing its versatile and engaging gameplay.

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