Azur Lane x Kizuna AI Collaboration Receives Trailer

Yostar have unveiled a new trailer for the previously announced upcoming Kizuna AI collaboration event for their mobile title ‘Azur Lane’. The trailer shows off previously unannounced details about the crossover.

Logging in during the event will entitle players to an Elite rarity Kizuna AI, and there will be a special banner with three more variations of the virtual youtuber in different classes. These variations will all be SR-level rarity ships, and only able to be pulled for the duration of the event.

Until the start of the event, Yostar will be holding a promotional contest. Five random  player who have retweeted the twitter post will be selected to recieve a Kizuna AI and Azure Lane gift pack containing unique art and merchandise.

The event will be released simultaneously in both the English and Japanese servers of the game and will start April 26th PDT. We’ll update you with any other details as they are revealed.

For those not in the know, Kizuna AI is a ‘virtual YouTuber’, a YouTuber represented by a CG character who plays games and performs all sorts of shenanigans. The channel spearheaded the use of virtual streamers and vloggers and has amassed over two and a half million subscribers.

Azur Lane, on the other hand, is a game in which the player will use a fleet of anthropomorphic ships (who are all cute girls) to destroy opposing fleets in RTS combat. The title is currently available on both Android and iOS devices in English, Japanese and Chinese.

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