Azur Lane Launches ‘The Ninja Scrolls: Azur Flash’ Collaboration Event with Shinovi Master Senran Kagura; Seven New Crossover Shipgirls

Azur Lane Launches ‘The Ninja Scrolls: Azur Flash’ Collaboration Event with Shinovi Master Senran Kagura; Seven New Crossover Shipgirls

Yostar has just announced that Azur Lane will be introducing a brand new collaboration event with the Japanese mobile game Shinovi Master Senran Kagura: New Link. This collaboration will last from November 23rd to December 6th and introduces seven new crossover shipgirls who, alongside existing shipgirls, strive to maintain peace in the deep sea, and transports the battlefield from the Gessen Girls’ Private School to the marine world, where characters from the Senran Kagura series transition from students to fully-equipped shipgirls prepared for battle.

By clearing the event stages, players can gather points, which can be used to exchange for a number of rewards from the event shop, including the new Super Rare shipgirl, Ikaruga. Furthermore, the Super Rare shipgirl, Homura and the Elite shipgirl Murasaki are both obtainable for free through reaching specific milestones.

Seven popular characters from Shinovi Master Senran Kagura: New Link have entered the world of Azur Lane, with Asuka, Ikaruga, Yumi, and Fubuki as Super Rare shipgirls and Yūyaki as an Elite Ship Girl, all available through the Limited Construction Pool, which will be running from November 23 to December 6.

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Last, but not least, special skins for Asuka (Blue Oceans), Ikaruga (A Moment of Peace), Homura (The Shinobi Angler), and the other four collaboration shipgirls have all been added to the shop, showing their swimsuit attire at sea. Furthermore, players can also obtain a novel collaboration furniture set. Additionally, the Gear Skin Box showcasing elements from Senran Kagura will be accessible for a limited time in the shop. You can view the included skins of this lineup in our gallery below:

Azur Lane is a mobile app game released in 2017 in China for iOS and Android devices. Since its launch, the game has become more and more popular, with players hitting five million players within its first four months on the market.

During gameplay, players will need to defeat enemy ships and meet special criteria to unlock and customize new characters. The game allows players to customize their commander and collect new upgrades while figuring out their unique strengths and abilities. Additionally, the game features water warfare as players must consider enemy attacks and plan their strikes accordingly. Azur Lane is available to download now on iOS and Android.

You can watch the trailer for the The Ninja Scrolls: Azur Flash event below:

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