Watch Us Play Azur Lane: Crosswave as Our Favorite Shipfus

Have you ever been sitting in history class wondering what could make naval history more exciting only to wish the ships were all anime girls? Well, you aren’t alone because the Azur Lane series is here and has been gaining western fans and popularity since its 2017 release on mobile. Now, the series is coming to console with Azur Lane: Crosswave on PlayStation 4 and Idea Factory International is localizing the title west scheduled to release in 2020.

Azur Lane Crosswave 5

Developed in Unreal Engine 4, this three vs three action shooter sets sail to dominate more western fans as it tells an original story across multiple in-game maps. During gameplay, players will be able to choose three of their favorite ship girls to take into battle, including Neptune from the Neptunia series who will be available for a limited time at launch, with more details on that to come soon from the publisher.

Also, players can choose support characters to bring with them who can provide back up skills and more. Each character has different stats and abilities, so choosing the correct shipfu might take a little more time depending on what type of party you’re trying to create. The game will also feature photo modes and event scenarios between characters so players can spend just that extra bit of time with the girls to learn more about them.

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What’s also worth getting excited over is how the console release will feature two additional characters, Shimakaze and Suruga.

Now that the details are out of the way, please enjoy some gameplay footage of a Japanese demo build for Azur Lane: Crosswave, coming to PlayStation 4 in 2020:

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